Old Angler Firenze is a family run artisan leather factory founded in 1990 by experienced leather artisan Luciano Lucenti and Mario Bartolini.
According to the old-school way, our leather goods are absolutely unique thanks to the careful attention into every aspect of our in-house manufacturing process.
Italian Leather Bags
Elegance in every detail
From bags up to small accessories, our products are entirely hand-stitched for optimum quality and durability. Bring a distinctive touch to your style with the excellence of Tuscany leather!
Leather Golf Bags
Exclusive experiences
Our high standards of workmanship have allowed us to produce leather golf bags of exceptional quality. Discover the unparalleled style and luxury in this special collection dedicated to the golfers.
Leather Bags
Made for you
From our hands to yours: it’s time to experience the uniqueness of your bag and to feel it even more personal don’t forget to add the initials of your name.
Leather Bags Made In Italy
Why Mario’s picks?

mario bartolini, founder

If you’re looking for some advice on which one bag that might be, then look no further: this selection of leather bags is directly recommended by Mario.
They represent all the timeless elegance of italian leather goods, speaking highly not only of their quality and functional features as well as the everlasting touch of style that give you in every occasion, perfectly fitting different needs.

discover our genuine leather bags

Essential and timeless leather goods entirely handmade in the heart of Tuscany: discover the Old Angler collections designed and crafted following the noble florentine tradition.

handcrafted in italy

Old Angler manages the entire production process and assembly in-house to ensure you the italian tradition and excellence in every step, from modeling and cutting to sewing and bonding. We use only natural leather, tanned, dyed and processed with the traditional Tuscan method in full respect of the environment.